Lizzo is flirting with Niall Horan – and wants everyone to know that


Imagine that unlikely couple: Lizzo and Niall Horan! If you depend on it, they will at least have a date. The singer told a UK radio show “Breakfast with Greg James” that she bumped into him at an event and he made a point of greeting her. Following is the dialog:

Niall Horan: You’re breaking everything this year. It’s something you all say around here.
Lizzo: You could break this [herself], which is something we talk about here.

The speaker joked that Niall Horan will surely not forget this meeting. The video of the interview was shared on Twitter, BBC Radio 1 tagged Niall, he saw and replied: “absolutely not [I will forget]. I love you, Lizzo ”.

He also tagged Lizzo. Then she countered with an emoji sending heart kiss and the message “call me”. Did he call?


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