Lizzo and Her Mom Jump on The Yung Gravy Train With a New TikTok


Lizzo picked up on the TikTok trend of young women dressing up their mothers as themselves (known more casually as the “turn my mom into me” trend) by jokingly suggesting that Shari Jefferson-Johnson—her own mom—sleep with Young Gravey.

To match the trend, Lizzo asked Jefferson-Johnson to flaunt her things in a merlot-colored Pet Me Heart jumpsuit from the Yitty shapewear line that Lizzo created herself. The artist signed it “Yung Gravy” along with a series of sliding emoticons.

The joke, for those who don’t know, is that Jung Gravy (real name Matthew Haury) has a penchant for older women. He himself actively used the meme, posting several videos in the aforementioned trend on TikTok and even making his biography on the platform “Your mom’s Favorite.”

Hauri’s song “Betty” is also supposedly named after Betty White — in a recent conversation with Entertainment Tonight (filmed on MTV VMA this year, where his red carpet date was Addison Ray’s mom), he explained: “On every album I put at least one song named after MILF. They are more experienced. I would like to say that this is a low-maintenance community and they deserve more attention.”

Take a look at Lizzo’s take on the “turn my mom into me” trend below:

♬ lizzo-and-her-mum-jump-on-the-yung-gravy-train-with-new-tiktok – Unknown

Elsewhere in Lizzo’s world, the artist recently played a secret cameo role in SZA’s new album “SOS”, unveiled shortly after she performed “Someday At Christmas” and “Break Up Twice” on Saturday Night Live. The latter song appeared on Lizzo’s own recent album “Special”, which was released back in July and received four stars from NME (as well as the 36th place in the list of the best albums of the year by NME).

November has been a particularly busy month for the pop and soul music star, punctuated by the release of her HBO Max documentary “Love, Lizzo.” Prior to that, she released a Christmas single for Amazon Music and made two important announcements: one about new North American tour dates, and the other about her appearance as the headline at the Open’er Festival next year. She will also embark on a UK and European tour starting in February and March.


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