Liz and Ray From IVE Teamed Up With LANY to Perform “After LIKE”


Members Liz and Rei from the new female k-pop group IVE collaborated with the American pop group LANY to perform their single “After LIKE”.

On October 23, 1theK Originals uploaded a video of the performance to their official YouTube channel, launching their new project “Kollabo”. In the new video, LANY frontman Paul Jason Klein sings a new verse and chorus in English for the song IVE “After LIKE”, while K-pop idols perform the original Korean lyrics.

“You never know, my mind may change / He goes back and forth like every day / Because I don’t even know what I’m thinking about,” Klein sings in a reworked opening verse, while his bandmate Jake Clifford Cross plays percussion.

The artists also performed together LANY’s song “dna” 2021 from their fourth studio album “gg bb xx”. In this version, Liz and Rei stay true to the original and sing English lyrics.

The new performances are the latest in a string of recent collaborations between K-pop singers and American artists. Earlier this month, vocalist (G)I-DLE Minnie teamed up with singer-songwriter Lauv to perform his August single “All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love)”, and LE SSERAFIM vocalists Hu Yoon Jin and Kim Je-Won sang their new B-side track “Good Parts” with songwriter Salem Ilese.

IVE released “After LIKE” in August this year along with the B-side track “My Satisfaction”. In a four – star review of the release , NME wrote: “This is the arch of their story, where they flourish as young women well accustomed to the nuances of love, while developing their own signature sounds and visual concepts.”


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