Liverpool’s Awakening Defeats Classless Manchester City


While things were boiling on the sideline, with Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola showing first-class technique from time to time, the intensity of the pitch and discipline were key components of Liverpool’s victory over Man City.

Gradually, Liverpool is reacquainting itself with what it is good at. After a 32-minute six-goal blitz at Ibrox, we now have the nice factor of winning at home against the reigning Premier League champions.

These 32 minutes in Glasgow were dedicated to collective self-expression and reconnection with the love of finding the way to the goal with the bonus of individual cases of individual awakening.

Unwavering discipline

He was not alone in this regard, but suddenly the real Mohamed Salah returned to the room, and everything was fine again. If Mo has a springy gait, we all have a springy gait. It was as if he had noticed Bobby Firmino’s stormy mood and finally decided that he wanted to have fun too. His central role in the match against Man City played an even bigger role in this.

In the second half we were able to achieve victory thanks to foresight in the first half, a foundation that at times resembled the peak years of Benitez, not Klopp.

When they didn’t have possession of the ball — as Liverpool accounted for 63 per cent of that game — they were surprisingly compact, both James Milner and Andy Robertson gave a pretty convincing impression of textbook outfield defenders, while Klopp’s much-reviled midfield sat deep, reducing space with the build-up. this could almost be classified as 4-3,5-2,5.


There was fantastic discipline in the game, which limited Man City to long-range shots and half chances. Yes, Alisson was called upon to make saves, but none of them made him really stretch, as the focused Virgil van Dijk and the wonderful Joe Gomez provided space in front of goal in high esteem.

What Liverpool managed to do was to cut the lungs of Guardiola’s team. Despite pre-match concerns about his inclusion, Milner largely had the measure of Phil Foden, Erling Haaland was impressively marginalized, and in the constant rotation Fabinho, Thiago and Harvey Elliott used a magnificent choke hold in midfield on the ineffective Kevin De Bruyne. From time to time, these duties included Diogo Hota, and in the afternoon City became more and more disappointed.

In cases where possession of the ball really belonged to Liverpool, they turned into a mobile 3-4-3 scheme, which is often an inconspicuous case when both outfield defenders pressed, and either Fabinho or Thiago retreated to take cover.

A frantic few minutes followed before the hour was up, when Salah broke through only to see his superb effort deflected off the post by Ederson, for which he was “rewarded” with a goal kick, and then Foden scored the ball against Liverpool. , with the exception of Holand’s fouls on Fabinho and the Liverpool goalkeeper.

Before he could take a serious breath, Jota was moving forward, and Monday morning’s headlines were at his mercy. All this time, bedlam was constantly breaking out on the sideline.

Taylor and WWE

Then the moment came. Alisson on Salah, a magic turn, a second shot on goal and the ball is sent this time. Hell reigned in the stands.

Throughout the entire time Anthony Taylor remained in the center of events.

Away from Punch and Judy, due to being the referee of the Decoy, he had set up his stand in advance to allow the game to flow as much as possible, which was initially nice when, in the middle of the first half, Foden fell to the ground in an apparent attempt to score a free kick in a dangerous position on the left flank, but he was left to the mercy of fate, until he decided to return to active play.

Taylor, however, eventually seemed to forget which sport he was judging, as he repeatedly turned a blind eye to the type of issues you’d expect to see in the WWE ring, with one of them on Salah at the end of the game setting in motion the events that led to Klopp getting a red card.

Such an intense 1-0 score, as you will probably see, Van Dijk did not let Holand pass under the Liverpool crossbar, Darwin Nunez had to put Salah out for a potential second, and Jota left the field on a stretcher with concern.

There were even a few toys thrown out of sky-blue strollers on Enfield Road at the exit, on which strict words and actions were thrown. During the game – and reportedly in the lobby of the guest section – there was an all-too-predictable lack of class on the part of visiting fans.

Defeated and bent, Guardiola and his players left Anfield with a comfortable set of matches that led them to the winter break dedicated to the World Cup, but they have question marks on the horizon.

Haaland is undoubtedly a great player, but he got into a team that is used to sharing goals among themselves. Last season they had seven players scoring double-digit numbers, and that’s not going to happen this time, given that the former Borussia Dortmund striker absorbs so much light.


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