Liverpool – Manchester City: the most anticipated Premier League match


The day has come! The Premier League faces the most anticipated game of the whole season, the one that measures Liverpool and Manchester City, the first two classified and the two great contenders for the English title, with permission from the reborn Leicester and a Chelsea that is still clinging silently to the head wagon

The ‘reds’ arrive at the appointment with a distance of 6 points. On the banks of the Mersey they know that no rent is not enough. In fact, in December 2018, the City fell to Leicester and moved away seven points from Liverpool, 51 by 44 units. A gap that would finally recede to give the ‘skyblues’ title at the end of the season.

The caution is installed on both sides. Manchester City have Liverpool as their worst tenant, the worst stadium to go as a visitor to the entire league tournament. Moreover, the last triumph of the ‘citizens’ in Anfield was on May 3, 2003 when they won 1-2 with Anelka’s double. It has rained since then. And a lot.

This data reinforces the condition of Liverpool’s fief as a real fort in Premier. It is the Crystal Palace, specialized in assaulting the stadiums of the greats, which has the privilege of having been the last to get the three points. Although you have to go back to April 23, 2017 to revive this deed.

Football is full of challenges and both Klopp and Guardiola are two technicians in love with the challenges. The German is to get the first Premier League for Liverpool. A title that begins to resist and is on its way to becoming a curse. While the City has the challenge of repeating as king of England for the third time after the historic triplet of the previous campaign, while dreaming of premiering in the Champions League, his pending subject.

That is to say, the reality of Liverpool, the current European champion, is the desire of a City double champion of the Premier, the roof unattainable for the ‘reds’. Dreams that cross over the Anfield green this Sunday with DAZN as a witness.


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