Liverpool FC Supports New Measures to Attract Premier League Fans


Liverpool FC has announced its support for the launch of the Premier League Fan Engagement Standard (FES).

FES is the latest in a series of league-wide measures designed to strengthen the commitment to ensuring long-term and meaningful engagement with fans.

The LFC initially approved the development of FES — along with other PL clubs — in November 2022, and it is being implemented after a period of detailed planning. Liverpool FC continues to lead the way in attracting fans by launching an official fan council and holding its first meeting in August last year.

The historic moment marked a gradual transition between the LFC and its supporters. This is a legally binding commitment of the club to structure strategic interaction with fans, strengthen dialogue and expand the participation of fans in decision-making processes, and all this is an integral part of the future of LFC.

Andy Hughes, managing director of Liverpool FC and the official appointed by the Board of Directors responsible for interacting with fans, said: “It is extremely important for us that we interact with our fans, we have paved the way for this by launching our official Fan Council. what we are really proud of.

“We are therefore delighted to demonstrate our support and continued commitment to the Standard of Engagement with Premier League fans and look forward to continuing our pioneering work in this vital area.”

Along with its official Fan Council, LFC remains committed to the ongoing work it continues to do with its fan forums.

They provide space for issues that require short collaborative conversations with frank and honest discussions, and cover gaming experience (to discuss experiences at Anfield, Prenton Park and away venues), ticket buying (to discuss ticket sales, eligibility and politics) and equality. , diversity and inclusivity (discuss the needs of all fans and their relationship with the club, paying special attention to fans with additional needs or problems when attending matches).

Speaking about the standard of interaction with fans, Joe Blott, chairman of the LFC Fans’ Council, added: “By creating the Fans’ council in August last year, we have entered a new era of interaction with our club.

“It was a historic, groundbreaking work, a step into the unknown that will not only benefit our current fans, but, more importantly, leave a legacy for future generations.

“Now PL FES is the basis for comparison, but our task should always be not only to meet these standards, but also to surpass them and set new ones.”

Liverpool FC also intends to launch a Fan Engagement Plan ahead of the 2023/24 Premier League season, as specified in the Fan Engagement Standard.


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