Liverpool Fans’ Favorite Bakery to Expand After Receiving New Funding


The famous Homebaked bakery, owned by the community, will be developed further after receiving funding from the National Lottery to help educate more local people.

Over the past few years, a pre-match trip to Homebaked has become a ritual for thousands of Liverpool fans.

The assortment of football-themed pies in the store attracted the attention of fans who wanted to try cakes such as the Shankly roll or Cloppage.

The Home Baking Co-op, located opposite The Kop, on the corner of Oakfield Road, is a public domain run by locals and assisted by volunteers, especially when it is busy on match day.

The bakery has now received £95,000 in National Lottery funding to implement a baking training and volunteering program.

Homebaked treasurer Sally Ann Watkiss said the bakery “has very deep roots in the community and its model of hiring locals by providing support and training through a successful retail business demonstrates the ‘art of the possible’ to our community and beyond.”.

She added that the new curriculum “will have a positive impact on hundreds of people in our community.

“We are constantly receiving requests for training from our partner organizations in the area, and this will allow us to meet this need.”

Since its foundation in 2012, the Home Baking Co-op has always been a positive force in the Enfield area.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the bakery gave 100 loaves to local food banks every day; 150 sets of school meals were collected and more than 1,000 treats were distributed to key employees.

So, the next time you’re lucky enough to be at a match, one of the famous Homebaked pies will definitely serve as a better pre-match snack than a tasteless hot dog!


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