Liver King Sued for $25 Million For “Cheating” Customers Using Steroids


A New Yorker sued Brian “King of the Liver” Johnson for “cheating” clients of his Ancestral Supplements company after it turned out in early December that he had been using steroids.

Liver King stunned the Internet on December 2, when he confessed to using steroids.

The bodybuilder and supplement salesman previously claimed to be completely straight, but after his personal emails leaked showing he used steroids for about $11,000 a month, he confessed.

Now a man in New York is suing a 45-year-old man, suing him for $25 million.

Liver King sued for “cheating” food supplement buyers

In a lawsuit seen by the New York Post, Johnson is being sued by a New Yorker named Christopher Altomare in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The lawsuit was filed against both Ancestral Supplements, LLC and The Fittest Ever, LLC, and alleges that Liver King allegedly “cheats” consumers into buying its products.

The lawsuit, which was filed on December 28, accuses Johnson of deliberately appearing shirtless to promote “himself as the epitome of health.” Altomare’s lawsuit alleges that Leaver was on a “dangerous and life-threatening diet,” which caused some to suffer from “severe” foodborne illnesses.

Liver King made the centerpiece of many of his videos raw meat, which he consumed, showing huge portions of liver, testicles, kidneys and heart. Their case claims that the diet is completely unstable, and consumers will then have to buy supplements that Johnson sold, according to the lawsuit.

The Altomare case also alleges that he and other buyers would not have bought the products if it turned out that Johnson had been taking steroids all the time.


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