Live View update for Google Maps! More useful


Google Maps, Live View feature, which is an advanced version of Street View maps for phones that support AR, has been offering map support for a year. The feature, which we have encountered with many errors so far, becomes much more useful with the new Google maps update.

Google Maps Live View and new features

If you have a phone that supports augmented reality technology, you can use this AR feature offered by maps. Live View feature appeared last year, Android and iOS users with AR support had tried this interesting feature in a short time. However, this AR-supported feature of Google maps has contained certain errors for a long time.

When you try to go to the place you marked on the maps via Live View, this markup could lead you to the wrong location in the live view feature. With the new update brought by Google, it will now be ensured that the AR feature takes into account the height. Thus, the maps application will be able to guide you much more accurately.

Apart from the correct marking, along with the live view feature, Google will highlight famous squares, historical places and well-known places on the map. How you can go to famous places that were previously only marked has also come with the new update.

If you are coming to a city for the first time, thanks to this AR feature, it is possible to go to important buildings, historical places and museums much easier with the help of this AR map. For now, this new Google maps update seems to have just begun to be distributed to beta users on the Android side. The update is expected to come to the Android side soon. iOS users will have to wait another week or two.

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New features for Google Maps Live View

To use this feature, you need to have a smartphone with ARCore for Android and ARKit for iOS. In the meantime, although AR maps were presented as a novelty, it was a feature that was first introduced by Nokia with Here maps years ago.

Of course, at that time, AR technology did not develop that much, so a fully live AR feature could not be offered. How do you think Google Maps Live View feature? You can share your experiences in the comments.


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