Live Subtitle: Google expands subtitle service


After several rumors and leaked specifications, Google finally announced the launch of two more smartphones that will be part of its mobile phone portfolio: the Pixel 4a 5G, which will reach the market for $ 4,999 and the Pixel 5, which, until now, still its price was not disclosed.

And while it is busy with the arrival of more mobile devices on the market, the Moutain View giant remains focused, also, on the launch of more resources for its software, which is loaded on its own devices or from other manufacturers that use the Android system.

For this, the company will extend the functionality of the Live Caption function – which transforms the audios of some applications into text – also for voice and video calls. According to reports, this function will reach for several devices of the Pixel line, from the Pixel 2 – launched in 2017 – to the recently launched Pixel 4a.

So far there are not many details about which call or video call applications will support this feature, but it is to be expected that native Android system applications, such as the Telephone – for voice calls – or the Duo – for the calls in video – already have guaranteed compatibility.

Live Caption for voice and video calls will work in a similar way to what already happens with other applications: everything that is spoken can be converted into text for the receiver. Thus, it is noteworthy that the resource will have no effect for those who speak during the call, but only for those on the other end of the call.

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At the moment there is no information on when this feature will start to be released, but it may already arrive on Google devices with patch updates in the coming months.


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