Live Life: Kirk’s Password in the distant future


When players explore the ship in the chapter Live a Live’s Distant Future, they may stumble upon a terminal at Kirk Wells’ private residence. When interacting with this terminal, fans will receive an indication that they must enter a password to continue. For those players who may be struggling to reveal Kirk’s password in Live a Live, this guide will tell you what it is and provide details of what players will get for using it.

Live Life: Kirk Password (Distant Future)

To access the terminal at Kirk’s private residence, players must simply enter “warp speed” when prompted to enter a password. Although this password may not be immediately obvious, fans who have diligently interacted with various characters and objects in the chapter “Live in the Distant Future” have seen this phrase several times. Indeed, it is known that Kirk often pronounces “warp speed”, and therefore it is reasonable that it serves as his password.

As for what happens when this password is entered into the terminal, fans of classic Japanese role-playing games will receive a message that something is hidden at the foot of Kirk’s bed. This piece of furniture is located next to the terminal, and players will receive a hint that allows them to interact after placing the Cube at the bottom. Fans should take this opportunity to interact with the bed to get the key memory card item.

With a memory card in hand, players can go to the recreation room and play Captain Square on the arcade machine. Indeed, although this retro video game can certainly be completed without the help of a key item, the memory card allows you to get away from the arcade machine without losing progress. This means that players with a memory card do not need to defeat Captain Square in one sitting, but instead they can share their passage.

However, fans should make sure they don’t wait too long to pass the Captain’s Square, as the game becomes unavailable at a certain point during the chapter. Although this moment doesn’t come near the end of the scenario, Live a Live players won’t get any explicit indication that they’re getting close to it. Fortunately, there is an option to replay chapters, which will allow fans to come back and go through Captain Square if they missed the chance the first time.

Live a Live is already available on Switch.


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