Live life: how to get all the endings


As players approach the conclusion of Live a Live, they face some choices that will ultimately determine which ending they will get. Indeed, there are several endings in this classic JRPG, and it’s not so difficult to launch them all. For those fans who are interested in watching all the endings of Live a Live, this guide details the requirements that must be met to get each of them.

Before proceeding to these requirements, it is important to note that some spoilers for the Live a Live remake can be found in the future. Although an attempt has been made to minimize these spoilers, and the specifics of the endings themselves will not be revealed, players should be aware of their existence before reading further.

Live a Live: A Guide to All Endings

The endings of Live a Live can be divided into two categories: “Hero” and “Villain”, and fans will decide which category they want to choose after passing the chapter “The Middle Ages”. To be clear: the “Middle Ages” chapter opens after completing all seven chapters available at the start of the game, and players who have completed it will have access to one last chapter. Square Enix fans should choose a character before starting this last chapter, and choosing Oersted will lead to the Villain ending, and choosing any other character will lead to the Hero ending.

Villainous endings

There are two endings that players can go through after completing the “Middle Ages” chapter and choosing Oersted. Notably, this action actually activates boss mode, not the aforementioned last chapter, and here are the details on how to access both of its endings:

Armageddon Ending: Achieve a low level of health during any of the boss battles of the chapter. This will lead to the fact that the command “Run” will be replaced by “Armageddon”, and its choice will cause the ending. Bad ending: Defeat all seven bosses.

Endings of heroes

Fans of the RPG for the SNES, who chose one of the seven characters that do not belong to Oersted, will have the opportunity to get three different endings. Here is information about the requirements to unlock these three endings, and more information about the character set can be found below:

The real ending: Recruit all seven characters in the last chapter. Defeat the last boss and decide to spare them at the end. Normal ending: Don’t hire all seven characters in the last chapter. Defeat the last boss and decide to spare them at the end. Bad ending: Don’t hire all seven characters in the last chapter. Defeat the final boss and decide to kill him at the end.

As already noted, players will need to hire all the characters Live a Live during the last chapter if they are interested in getting a true ending, although not all of these characters can be in a group at the same time. Here are the details on how to find and recruit characters:

Pogo: In a field in the southern part of the Silent Forest. Chase Pogo from Live a Live to start the battle and recruit him. Oboraru: On the way to the Archon’s Nest. Read the sign on the way to the battle and recruit a Defense. Shifu: At the grave at the top of Heroes Peak, north of Heroes Rest. Talk to the student to recruit them. Masaru: In the dungeon of Lucretia’s castle. Defeat Masaru in battle to recruit him. Sunset: Talk to Sunset in the following places to recruit him: next to the hut in the mountains, at the Pogo dungeon in the southeastern part of the mountains, next to the sign on the way to Lucretia Castle, next to the throne in Lucretia Castle. , in the west bedroom in Lucretia Castle, in front of Lucretia Castle. Akira: Lying on a bench in the village of Fugalia in the west. The decision to trust Akira will lead to the fact that he will be recruited without a fight. Cube: On the balcony of Lucretia’s castle. Players will need a battery to hire a Cube, and it manifests as a shiny green object in the mountains in front of the hut.

Live a Live is already available on Switch.


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