Live Latino 2020, follow the live broadcast


Live Latino 2020, follow the live broadcast. If you are someone who prefers to take precautions or could not buy tickets, this is for you.

Despite the world crisis experienced by the coronavirus, some festivals in Mexico still stand and will continue with their normal activities.

One of them is the famous Vive Latino 2020 , known as the Iberoamerican Festival of Musical Culture, which will begin today at 2 in the afternoon, Mexico time. If you couldn’t attend or prefer to stay home and not expose ourselves, we tell you how to follow the live broadcast.

The Vive Latino will feature various performances such as 31 Minutes, The Rasmus, Little Jesus, Rebel Cast, among others. Some artists have decided to cancel their participation due to the coronavirus.

You can check the poster for this Saturday and organize yourself to follow the performance of your favorite artist.

2:30 pm – Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and El Salvador

3:30 pm – Colombia, Peru, Panama, Cuba, Ecuador

4:30 pm – Bolivia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico

5:30 pm – Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, Argentina

The Vive Latino will be transmitted by one of his sponsors and will feature 2 signals will be fully live from the Foro Sol.

Option 1

Option 2


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