Live on Instagram: how to use Story filters in a live video


All user effects can be used in live streams, including those using augmented reality.

It is possible to use Instagram Stories filters in lives on the social network. During the transmission of live videos, the user can access the same effects carousel displayed in the stories, being able to apply all the filters he has stored, including those that use augmented reality on the face or in the environment and the challenges of questions . The feature can be useful to make the broadcast more fun and play with viewers. Check out how to use the Stories filters in an Instagram live on the Android and iPhone ( iOS ) application.

Step 1. Open Instagram and tap the camera icon to access Stories. Then, find the “Live” option on the bottom carousel and tap the capture button to start the live broadcast;

Step 2. When you are live, touch the face icon with effect in the bottom menu. Then, view all the filters you have;

Step 3. Touch an effect to apply to your face or the environment. You can change the filter as many times as you want during transmission.

Take advantage of the tips to use filters during Instagram lives.


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