Live on Instagram: How to ask questions in live videos


Instagram lives may receive questions from those watching the live stream. The feature, which is available on the iPhone (iOS) and Android phones, is ideal for interacting in debates between two users or in friends’ lives that are open for questions. When submitting a question, the broadcast owner receives an alert and can expand a frame on the screen with a question, which is now available to everyone who is participating in the conversation.

To test the feature, TechTudo performed the procedure using an iPhone XR with iOS 13, but the walkthrough also works on Android. Check out how to submit questions during an Instagram live below.

Step 1. Open Instagram and tap the description of the live you want to watch. After starting the transmission, go to the question mark icon next to the comment bar, as shown in the image below;

Step 2. At this point, enter your question and press the “Submit” button. The person will receive an alert and can post their question. If this happens, your question will be visible in the conversation for all participants.

Use the tip to interact with a live stream by asking questions using the feature provided by Instagram.

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