Live in 4K: YouTube TV will stream in very high resolution


YouTube TV has already presented US users with a Google TV Chromecast and another new feature has just been announced by Google for its streaming service that is gaining more and more subscribers in the United States: the ability to watch TV via 4K streaming in the app , simultaneous streams and more

The news was announced today by Neal Mohan, YouTube’s product director on the video platform’s official blog. According to him, the streaming of channels in 4K will soon arrive on YouTube TV, in addition to downloading recordings of programs to watch even without internet.

Another great addition is the ability to use the service in more locations at once. It is currently possible to use YouTube TV on up to 3 screens, but this limit is expected to grow, although it has not yet been specified for how much.

It is worth remembering that some of these new advantages must be offered in a new subscription plan for YouTube TV, which is not available for the time being in Brazil. In the USA the monthly fee currently costs US $ 65 or $ 350 in direct conversion, where it is possible to watch live cable TV content with access to several channels.