Live Gamers Show: what it is and how to register to follow the event for free and live


Live Gamers Show: Players who register for the event, which runs from April 8-11, will have a chance to win a PS5.The virtual doors of the Live Gamers Show event open from today April 8 until the next 11 of this month. He does so with a series of presentations that will touch on different topics related to the video game industry, esports and the relationship that unites them with the education, health or sports sectors, among others. It is an initiative that has been devised with international projection and under an annual commitment “to serve as a platform for major launches and technological innovation” offered by the entertainment sector. The content can be viewed completely free of charge, so it is possible to register on the official website.

There are four days of free online sessions in which experts from different fields will participate. There will also be a talk about the specialized video game press in which Salva Fernàndez Ros, one of the editorial coordinators of MeriStation, will participate on behalf of the magazine. The organization wants the participants to immerse themselves “in the present and the future of the world of videogames, from a playful and fun perspective to a more professional and educational perspective.”

Those who register can win not only a PS5, Sony’s next-generation machine, but also a series of prizes at LGS Arena, a space reserved for esports competitions to be held throughout the year. As if that were not enough, those interested will also have the opportunity to participate in a cosplay contest. The hashtag #TodosJugamosLGS will accompany the Live Gamers Show during all these days.


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