Live Gamers Show announced many topic sessions


The event, which will be held between April 8 and 11, can be seen live for free.

Live Gamers Show continues to announce the news of this new event dedicated to video games. In a press release, the organization has announced that it will offer two special sessions: the first will focus on education and digital health, while the second will focus on health and video games, all with the special collaboration of MAPFRE . They promise the participation of “great professionals” in these fields, who will offer “their vision” on topics related to “electronic entertainment and healthy habits around technology”

All the information about the two new spaces

The Education and Digital Health talk will take place on April 8 at 4:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). This is a presentation in which the guests will delve into “about the control that is done on the network.” Some aspects such as health in player academies will also come up, while they will focus their attention on the support received by the associations specialized for “the safe and healthy use of the Internet, social networks, mobile phones and video games.” At the end there will be a round of questions and answers.

These are the guests who will intervene during the talk:

-Antonio Guzmán, director of the health promotion area of Fundación MAPFRE.
-Salvador Córdoba, teacher at E-Squad Academy and physiotherapist at C.F. Leganés and C.F. Aravaca.
-Jorge Flores, founder and director of Pantallas Amigas.
-Alba Torrego, PhD assistant professor in the Department of Educational Studies at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Starting at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) on Friday, April 9, the Health and Video Games space will take place. According to the press release, initiatives that are already underway will be discussed. The objective is to disseminate “the good use and benefits of video games”, with the programs Good Gamers from AEVI or Feel Good, Play Better from the Professional Video Game League (LVP). They will also talk about the daily work of esports professionals. Spectators will have the opportunity to chat with the speakers through a chat (under free registration).

The following guests will participate:

-José María Moreno, CEO AEVI.
-Víctor Hernán, physiotherapist and collaborator of Mad Lions.
-Óscar Picazo, head of health programs at Fundación MAPFRE.


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