Live Broadcast of Genshin Impact 3.4 — Schedule, What to Expect


The live broadcast of the Genshin Impact 3.4 special program is close. Check the schedule and what you can expect will be revealed here.

Genshin Impact 3.4 Live Broadcast Schedule

A preview of the special program version 3.4 is scheduled for January 6, 2023 at 7:00 (UTC-5) on the official Genshin Impact Twitch channel. The broadcast on the official YouTube channel will begin at 8:00 on the same day.

Genshin Impact 3.4 Live Broadcast

Judging by the absence of chibi in the ad image, it is expected that developers will participate in this stream, which is most likely headed by HoYoverse CEO Liu “Dawei” Wei. Other unofficial sources have revealed some of the likely content of the stream, especially new characters.

New character — Alhaitam

“I can’t deny that he’s very smart. However, it’s a shame that a person of such talent pays attention only to the truth itself, and not to the people around him. Or maybe this is due to an extraordinary sense of individualism, which causes a lot of problems. For example, he doesn’t seem to respect his elders… Of course, I don’t mean myself specifically.”

– Kave

Genshin Impact community, rejoice! Alhaitam, the 5-star character of Dendro Sword, is already here. Previously introduced during the Sumeru Archon Quest, Scribe of Akademiya is finally becoming available for play in the version 3.4 update.

Dendro characters are currently in short supply, as they have been introduced only recently. This makes Alhaitham a valuable asset in your group’s gameplay, besides being a dashing and excellent eye candy. He will also come with his own story quest so that we can learn more about the mysterious Scribe. Learn more about Alhaitam’s skills, constellations, and more.

New character — Yaoyao

“I wanted to give Yaoyao a magic device that I used when I was younger so that she could protect herself. But before I could say anything, the Guardian of the Clouds had already given her a Yuegui. I can’t say I’m surprised. After all, Yaoyao is a very cute kid.”

– Street Rambler

Yaoyao was a character leaked from the early years of the game. Considered long forgotten, a little girl from Liue makes her debut as a playable character. She is a 4-star Dendro character, making her the second of her kind, the first of which is a Collie. She wields a shaft weapon.

Learn more about skills, constellations, and more Yaoyao.

Genshin Invokation TCG New Characters

Beidou and Klee will become playing cards for Genshin Invokation TCG.

“The Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean” by Beidou

Get it by inviting Beido to a duel in the “Cat’s Tail” and declaring victory in a friendly battle with her.
“Remember this day, you almost won money from Captain Crooks.”

“Fleeing Sunlight” by Klee

Get it by inviting Klee to a duel in the “Cat’s Tail” and declaring victory in a friendly battle with her.
Each drawn card can bring an “explosive surprise”.

Map Expansion — Hadramavet Desert

Teiwat is expanding again for players as another area of the Sumeru Desert opens up. This new area is located north of the currently accessible part of the desert and west of the Old Vanarana.

It will also add a new achievement category called “Twilight: The Gilded Desert — Series II”, as well as 17 new viewpoints. 15 daily commissions are also expected in this desert.

There will also be a new gadget called “Ginny in a Magic bottle”.

New weapon — The Light of the foliage incision

This weapon is a 5-star sword and should be Alhaitam’s signature weapon as well as his best in the slot.

Stats at level 90:

ATC: 541.83
Bonus Critical Damage%: 88.2%
White Moon Bristle: Critical Strike chance increases by 4/5/6/7/8%. When Normal Attacks deal Elemental Damage, a Leaf Dissection effect will be obtained, increasing the Damage inflicted by Normal Attacks and Elemental Skills by 120/150/180/210/240% of Elemental Skill. This effect will disappear after 28 DMG cases or 12 seconds. You can get a leaf cut once every 12 seconds.

New events

The Rite of the Lantern

Theme 1: Swirling flowers
A special time trial. When the moon is hanging high, compete with the blooming flame as your companions.
Topic 2: Paper Theater
Immerse yourself in the Paper Theater and learn the real stories behind the scenes of the game, helping the masters in completing the performance.
Topic 3: Vigilance at sea
Captain “Waverider” and pass the time trials developed by the navigator “Alcora” to help him find the most optimal sea routes and train the sailors of the Liue Harbor.
Topic 4: Behind the Scenes
Help the Ministry of Civil Affairs in the operation to destroy enemies in the desert with fireworks and other items to ensure the safety of the Liue Harbor area.

The second flowering

During the Second Bloom challenge, you can use characters provided by the event or your own to complete 3 consecutive combat rounds. Characters marked as “Connected” can appear during several rounds of their group.

You have to defeat all the opponents in the allotted time during the test. Complete the challenge by leaving more time on the counter to earn bonus points and get medals depending on your final score.

Warrior Spirit

The ability to bear the burden of mercy and mercy; the ability to wield both the blade and the force. This is the first commandment of the Warrior Spirit.
However, with the change of epochs, the past and the present began to drift. Similarly, today’s “Warrior Spirit” event is also undergoing changes…
Unknown Event Onikabuto Battler

When the event starts, a new opponent will arrive every day. Facing the challenges of your opponents and defeating their Onikabuto will allow you to get rewards on the event page.
New enemies

The opening of a new part of the Sumeru Desert is also accompanied by new enemies, including a new world boss and a new type of enemies of the Blessbone.

Seteh Venut — World Boss

“A super-predator deep in the desert who can use Anemo’s power to a certain extent, which can allow him to leave the ground during combat and enter a soaring state. During the flight, he can shoot Windbite bullets. If these bullets are not destroyed in time, Windbite bullets will turn into a curtain of such high-density bullets. Attacks of elements that can react with Anemo can destroy Wind Bite Bullets, which will temporarily reduce the corresponding SES of the Wind-Bitten Sandworm Element. After 2 Windbite bullets are destroyed in a row, the wind-bitten sandworm will be reset from its floating state.”
Blessed Scorpio (Fulgurous Devourer)

“Purebeds that mutated after feeding on larger life forms. Life forms obey the laws of evolution, the Blessbone Beasts took advantage of these rules, being lucky enough to discover the long-dead corpse of a greater being earlier than any of their competitors. Animals and humans often have much more in common than the latter is willing to admit.”

Blessbone Flying Serpent (Rotating Devourer)

“A reptile that mutated after feeding on larger life forms. Although they are now endowed with the power of manipulating the elements, the Blessed Beasts themselves still cannot fully digest the pieces of flesh they ate from the immortal carcasses they ate. Instead, the pieces slowly merged with the beasts themselves, weaving a bone shell over their body, which has a similar composition to a certain type of melting material from Inazuma.”

Blessed Red Vulture

“A carrion bird of prey that mutated after feeding on larger life forms. The higher life forms devoured by the Blessbone Beasts often possess an almost immortal consciousness that cannot be completely silenced or destroyed. The very power and consciousness gained by the Blessbone Beasts devouring these life forms will in turn cause them to seek more violence and carrion.”

Ring-dancer with floral ornament Eremite

“This dancer can be found in one of the many disparate groups of mercenaries who came from the desert. She will release the Spirit of Omen: The Dendro-serpent spirit contained in her weapon to fight alongside her after taking certain damage. This will force her to enter the Infused Form. If the Spirit Snake is defeated, then it will enter a weakened state for a certain time.”


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