Live A Live: The Best Order to Fight Bosses (present)


The current chapter of Live A Live allows players to progress in any order. There are six main enemies, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. From these collisions, you can learn techniques that will make it easier to control the next fight.

This Live A Live script is an homage to the Street Fighter and Mega Man series. The plot is presented as a global combat tournament where you can freely challenge various enemies. The difficulty increases or decreases depending on which moves the players use in each battle.

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Despite the fact that there is an optimal way to complete the current chapter, players may face new challenges by deliberately opposing the boss with a great advantage. This adds a lot of possibilities for playing Live A Live. You might even want to re-fight the defeated boss if he also missed a skill.

Attack Attributes in Live A Live

The key to winning any battle in Live A Live is to use an element to which enemies are weak; along with avoiding the use of sustained attacks. The main character Masaru starts with only two attacks: Gale Strike (combat element) and Rolling Wheel Kick (agile element). The latter is very strong against two opponents: Jackie Iaukea and the Great Aya. Any one of them is a good place to start, although players can easily jump anywhere as long as they follow this wheel of weakness:

Jackie Iaukea > Max Morgan > Namkiat > The Great Aja > Tula Khan > Master Moribe

Jackie Iaukea

As mentioned, Jackie is extremely weak to any Live A Live Agile attack. However, his own attacks are also very strong and can even use two in a span of time that Masaru can hit once. This means that players will often have to retreat, heal, and then attack again. If the players want to be even more aggressive, consider waiting until you beat Namkiat and get a Lookpanjama Knee.

Max Morgan

Max Morgan is terrifyingly strong if you fight him at close range. However, while the players are using Jackie’s Aloha Slap, his weakness is being blown to the Wind. If Max is approaching, step back and counterattack only with Aloha Slaps or the necessary treatment.


This fighter is weak to any form of Live A Live Grapple movement. Max Morgan’s German Suplex will do extremely heavy damage, perhaps enough to finish off Namkiat right away. Alternatively, hand locking and cross heel fixation from Tula Khan may be useful.

The Great Aja

This masked luchador fighter is another Live A Live boss, weak in relation to Agile. A rolling wheel strike deals moderate damage by default. However, the Spiral Knee won from Namkiat will destroy his life points even faster. However, if it’s hard for you to beat Jackie, consider starting with Aji.

Tula Khan

Tula Khan is a master of blocking enemies and not letting them move. However, his own range is pretty pathetic for a Live A Live battlefield. Combined with his weakness for projectiles, he is very easy to defeat with both Aji attacks: Tornado Press and Frankensteiner.


Master Moribe is the only fighter who doesn’t have the obvious weakness of Live A Live elementals, instead he takes fair damage from all attacks. Instead, he is very fast and will dance around the arena dodging attacks. Use Han techniques such as “Hand” and “Crossed Heel” and Moribe will lose his speed advantage.


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