Live A Live: How to Find (Kill) Majini Ryunosuke (Secret Boss)


Majin Ryunoske is a secret boss in Live a Live, whom Oboramaru can find and kill during the chapter “Secret Orders”. The action of this scenario takes place in the fortress of Ode Lu in the twilight of Edo, Japan. Majin Ryunoske is a warrior spirit protecting Muramas’ weapon. The secret boss can be very difficult, but there are several techniques and strategies that can be used to help win the battle, defeat Majin Ryunoske and get a powerful new weapon.

Players must be at least level 14 before fighting the Majin Ryunoske. It is also recommended that the Oboromaru have an ally or two. Prisoner and O-Robo can be hired in Live a Live as allies to help the Nightmare win battles. They are especially useful in the battle with the boss Majin Ryunoske, as well as in the final battle at the end of the chapter. After defeating the Majin, one of the two secret weapons in this chapter will be unlocked.

In order to find Majin Ryunoske, Oboromaru must enter the Path of Closed Lanterns. Oboraru can descend from the wooden platform next to where the key to the warehouse is located to find a lantern with which they can interact. This will open the way for closed lanterns. Oboraru needs to go south from the first area to get to the second section. After entering the second area, a sound effect can be heard, then players need to stop walking and immediately turn around to return to the first section of the Path of the closed lanterns. The bloodthirsty samurai, who is actually Majin Ryunoske, will appear after the Oboromaru interacts with a secret weapon in “Live Life”, and a conversation with him initiates a fight.

How to Defeat a Bloodthirsty Samurai in Live A Live

Majin Ryunoske is a superboss, and it can be difficult to defeat him, so players should save so that they can quickly try again if necessary. If Oboramaru has allies in this battle, they can be used to distract the Majin as long as possible while the player attacks from a safe distance. The samurai has several brutal attacks that can be almost fatal, so it is recommended that the Oboromaru stay away from this secret boss.

Oboramaru’s allies most likely won’t last long in this battle, but they can give the game character in Live a Live a little more time to take a favorable position and conduct several ranged attacks. As soon as Oboramaru’s allies fall, or if the players didn’t have them from the very beginning, Majin will need to be defeated as quickly as possible. The Deepest Dark’s Defense attack, which is trying to deliver a fatal blow, can end the fight, but players need to get closer to use it. The strike of the Deepest Dark may not work, and it makes the Nightmare vulnerable to the deadly electric attack of the Majin, so players should try to defeat the boss without taking risks.

Instead of trying to use the Deepest Dark, the Nightmare should stick to attacks like Shuriken Barrage or Death Blossom. Majin can also use ranged attacks, and they usually strike diagonally. However, Majin’s long-range attacks are not as strong as his close-range strikes. It may take several attempts to win a battle, but as long as the game character in Live a Live keeps his distance and brings allies with him, players should be able to win the battle. If winning is still difficult, players can leave to fight other enemies and level up before returning to Majin Ryunosuke. Once the secret boss is defeated, Oboromaru will be rewarded with the Muramas blade.


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