“Little Women: Los Angeles” star Terra Joel Reveals She’s Going to Have a Double Mastectomy After She Found Out She Had Breast Cancer


The battle is just beginning. Little Women: Los Angeles star Terra Jolet announced on Thursday, April 29, that she will undergo a double mastectomy after learning that she has breast cancer.

“I have breast cancer,” wrote 41-year-old Jolie in her Instagram video, telling this news to her mother. “The hardest call I’ve ever made was this video in which I told my mom for the first time.”

She added: “I had two options. 1. Hide and not share on social networks. 2. I’ll take you into battle with me. Since our lives have been public for the past 10 years, it’s only fair that we go on this journey together. 🤟🏼 Soon…”

Jole’s post was met with a flurry of comments from friends, family and celebrities who wanted to express their support for the reality TV star.

“I am sending you #healing!!!!! 💡 💡 💡 💡 ,” Perez Hilton wrote in response to the video.

Paralympic champion Ellie Robinson commented: “I’m sending all my love, remember how strong you are!!”

The next day, the Lifetime personality posted a second ad in which she explained the details of why she decided to speak openly about her diagnosis, and explained that her fight against cancer would not be her only focus on social media.

“Thank you all for such bright and inspiring messages, 🙏🏼 ,” Jole wrote on Instagram on Friday, April 29. “Although it’s a huge part of my life right now, I don’t want to focus solely on my path to cancer. through this channel. 💗 We are so lucky to be at a time when breast cancer can be defeated, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Instead of fearing the outcome, I would like to celebrate the strength that so many women gain every year by overcoming breast cancer.”

She continued: “Every Friday I will report on the trip, which means that the rest of the week we will return to the usual family chaos! 🙃 . From our family to yours, thank you! For every woman: You will never be too young to check your breasts! If you feel something, say something! 🤟🏼 ».

This is not the first time that Jola has to deal with complications on her chest. In February 2017, the YouTuber told People that her breasts started “releasing blood a few weeks before filming” season 7 of the TV series “Little Women: Los Angeles”.

“There’s nothing more nerve—wracking than waiting for breast cancer results,” the DWTS graduate said. “All you can really do is stay positive and keep your mind busy. I found myself pushing my family into water parks and other everyday adventures. Things that I knew would be harder to do if I had an uphill battle with cancer. In fact, my goal was to spend every free minute enjoying my family and not thinking about what will happen next.”

At the time, Jole was acquitted with negative test results, but urged women to be vitally aware of changes in their bodies.