Little Women: Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, And Park Ji Hoo To Play Three Sisters


The South Korean show press released the new news that the long-awaited drama production Little Women, so far with the literal translation in Spanish of Little Women, confirmed the participation of renowned young actresses Kim Go Eun and Nam Ji Hyu, who will be joined by interpreter Park Ji Hoo to star in an interesting story in which they will give life to three sisters.

With a release date scheduled for the first half of 2022, Little Women will be produced by Studio Dragon and had planned to begin filming after finishing its casting this year, from which the announcement of the actress who was yet to play the sister was expected. Youngest of the characters who will impersonate Kim Go Eun as the eldest sister and Nam Ji Hyun as the second. Now with the addition of Park Ji Hoo, the announcement is expected that Wi Ha Joon, remembered for his participation in The Squid Game and who can currently be seen in Bad and Crazy, will join the main cast.

This new K-Drama will be under the orders of the renowned producer and director Kim Hee Won, who previously also directed the hit K-Dramas ‘Money Flower’, ‘The Crowned Clown’ and recently ‘Vincenzo’ and who will now be responsible for put on screen the vision of the Little Women script by talented writer Jeong Seo Kyung, famous for being the author of the K-drama ‘Mother’ and the film production The Handmaiden.

The synopsis for Little Women revolves around three close-knit sisters who grew up in dire financial straits. The K-Drama will focus on the conflict young women must face when they are involved in a major incident that also involves one of the richest families in the nation. In the plot, Kim Go Eun plays Oh In Joo, who like any protective older sister tries to take care of her family financially, but a major incident shakes her life completely.

For her part, Nam Ji Hyun assumes the role of the second sister, Oh In Kyung, a news reporter who is not dazzled by wealth and her north is always to do the right thing, until a mysterious case of her beginnings as a reporter reappears. and begins to inquire in search of the truth. While Park Ji Hoo will play Oh In Hye, the youngest of the family who lives a bit suffocated by the overprotection of her older sisters who enter an art high school thanks to her talent.

There are high expectations about Kim Goe Eun’s participation, mainly because the actress will return to K-Dramas after being seen on screen recently in the popular Yummi’s Cells. As for Nam Ji Hyun, she also returns to the small screen after her work on The Witch’s Diner in August, while Park Ji Hoo is remembered for Beautiful World of 2019 in addition to her upcoming appearance in the Netflix original production. , All of Us Are Dead, also scheduled for 2022.