Sarang and her parents are regretful after having uploaded a video where the little girl was pushing and hitting her cat.

Koo Sa Rang , is the little girl who participated last year with BTS in her Christmas show at SBS Gayo Daejeon 2019 . The girl and Jimin made a very special connection, so he promised to surprise her. AWWW!

The idol fulfilled what was promised, and a few days ago, he sent Sarang a study kit with BT21 designs , all so that he could return to classes with the coolest tools, and best of all, it was that ChimChim had been the one He chose each of those items.

The little girl wanted to immortalize this moment in a video and upload it to her YouTube channel , but what seemed to be something she and her followers had to enjoy became a focus of criticism for the way she treated her cat, which showed curiosity to the content and the box.

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Aktris Anak Koo Sa Rang Dituduh Menganiaya Kucing + Ibu meminta maaf 20 Januari 2020 Aktris anak, ibu Koo Sa Rang, meminta maaf atas video di mana Koo Sa Rang tampaknya memperlakukan kucingnya dengan buruk. Pada 16 Januari, video Koo Sa Rang membuka kotak hadiah diunggah ke saluran YouTube resminya. Koo Sa Rang tampil bersama BTS tahun lalu pada 25 Desember di SBS Gayo Daejeon Music Festival 2019 , dan dia telah menerima hadiah dari Jimin BTS untuk ulang tahunnya pada 31 Desember. Dalam video itu, ketika kucing Koo Sa Rang mencoba masuk ke dalam kotak dan menunjukkan minat pada isinya, dia melemparkan, mendorong, dan menabrak kucing. Banyak netizen menunjukkan bahwa Koo Sa Rang sedang melecehkan kucingnya, dan video itu dihapus dari YouTube dan media sosial. Pada 19 Januari, ibu Koo Sa Rang memposting permintaan maaf di akun Twitter-nya. Dia menulis, “Halo, ini wali Sa Rang. Pertama, saya sangat menyesal. Saya tidak dapat membalas kepada semua orang, jadi saya menulis posting ini. Sa Rang merenungkan kata-kata dan perilakunya. Kami akan lebih berhati-hati mulai sekarang. Sa Rang telah meminta maaf kepada [kucingnya] dan berjanji untuk berhati-hati mulai sekarang dan memperlakukan [kucingnya] dengan cinta. "Dia melanjutkan," Sebagai orang tuanya, kita seharusnya mengajarinya lebih baik, dan kita merenungkan diri kita sendiri untuk tidak telah melakukannya. Sekali lagi saya minta maaf karena membuat banyak orang khawatir. ” Dalam permintaan maaf lain, ibu Koo Sa Rang berkata, “Saya sangat menyesal. Ini terjadi karena ketidakmampuan kita. Pada saat video, Sa Rang merasa hiper karena dia bahagia, dan karena itu dia menunjukkan perilaku yang tidak pantas tidak seperti biasanya. Saya sangat menyesal tentang itu. Sa Rang banyak menangis dan merefleksikan [perilakunya]. ” #bts #koosarang #news #koosarang#kpop #korea #kpoprp #kpopedit #btsarmy #kpopindo #kpopindonesiastore #kpopnewsmedia #mediakpopindonesia #kpopmedianews #kpopviral #kucing #indonesiakpopers

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Koo Sa Rang’s reaction was to push the little cat and hit him; This angered many people who were watching the unboxing , which without hesitation, began to talk about Sarang’s behavior .

This reached the ears of the girl’s parents and it was her mother who sent a message, apologizing for the deals Koo gave her kitten. On January 19 , she contacted, through Twitter , those people who were offended.

“Hi, this is Sa Rang’s tutor. First, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t answer everyone, so I’m writing this post. Sa Rang is reflecting on his words and behavior. We will be more careful from now on. Sa Rang apologized to his cat and promised to be careful from now on and treat him with love. Like his parents, we should have taught him better, and we are reflecting on ourselves for not having done that. Once again, I apologize for worrying many people.”

Even the mother accepted that this had happened due to the incompetence of her and her father, clarifying that her daughter in the video felt very elated so she did not measure the treatment she gave the animal, showing a Sarang that is not usually . Even so, the video was deleted and she has cried, showing how sorry she feels.

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