Little people, big world: Tori Roloff shared a family photo from July 4


Tori Roloff from Little People, Big World never misses holiday posts and shared a special photo from July 4th. The mother of three loves to share news with her subscribers, and she always has a couple of cute annotations. Tori is ready to plunge into the festive spirit of summer in full bloom.

After marrying a member of the Roloff family, Tori became an important part of the Little People, the Big World. Since then, fans have fallen in love with her ability to communicate with others, especially when it comes to parenting. Tori is now a mother of three children and often catches the cutest moments. Zack and Tori openly talked about the fact that all three of their children have dwarfism, as well as about the trials and tribulations that they expect to await them ahead. Nevertheless, she spoke very openly about the fact that her children would live a normal life.

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When the 4th of July started in the United States, Tori shared a fantastic photo of her family, saying, “Happy birthday, Merica!” A family of five dressed in red, white and blue posed for a photo. Little People, the big world star was wearing a red dress with matching patriotic Converse, and Jackson was wearing a USA T-shirt. Tori took a special photo with her daughter Laila, who was wearing a white dress with American flags on the collar. Tori shared that the whole family celebrated the big day with a barbecue and fireworks.

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Zach has had a rough year, especially after a fight with his father, Matt Roloff. Unfortunately, father and son could not come to an agreement when it came to the sale of Roloff Farms. Eventually, Zach left and moved his family to Battlefield, Washington. It doesn’t look like Zach and Tori were celebrating Independence Day at the family farm, instead they opted for a quieter celebration closer to their new home. Anyway, it looks like Tori and her kids enjoyed the family day.

The 23rd season of “Little People, Big World” is currently being broadcast, and fans are watching as the conflict between Zach and Matt worsens. Tori found herself in the middle when she sided with her husband and urged him to back out of the deal. The growing family seems happier than ever as they are now an hour away from their old grounds. By a strange coincidence, Zach’s brother Jeremy has just bought a new house just eight minutes from the Roloff Farm. At the moment, it looks like Zach and Tori are happy to spend a vacation away from their famous family.