Little Nightmares II scares by quality and competence


With each passing year it becomes more complicated to terrify people, whether with a movie, a series or a horror game. With the reality of our world, of pandemics, assaults and social inequalities, the directors try to break their heads to find a new formula. From the first scares I took, with the wonderful films of Alfred Hitchcock, the years have been trying to appease our most frightening sides.

Some filmmakers have been very successful in this, such as Tobe Hooper and Sean Cunningham, who presented us with the masterpieces The Massacre of the Chainsaw (1974) and Friday the 13th (1980). In video games, however, there were certain attempts, such as the first Silent Hill games and the classic Resident Evil. Recently, we have had the success of the Amnesia, Dead Space and Outlast franchises.


Little Nightmares hit the market in 2017. With a suspense proposal, mixing puzzles and adventure, it achieved its well-deserved prominence – not necessarily scaring the players, but increasing a style that would become a brand at the end of the past decade.

Powered by Limbo and Inside, the title of Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco pleased video game fans completely. Due to its great success, the continuity of the franchise could not be different. This is where we meet, in Little Nightmares II.


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