Little Nightmares: Game is Free on Steam Until Sunday (30)!


Little Nightmares: Steam announced today (28) that Little Nightmares is free for everyone. The title can be redeemed for PC until next Sunday (30), at 14:00, and will be the player’s forever.

The virtual store stressed, however, that it may stop delivering the game if “stock runs out”. In addition, the title will not distribute the traditional Trading Cards, which are virtual objects that can be turned into medals that generate rewards.

“Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a fantastical dark tale that will make you face your childhood fears! Help Six escape from A Bocarra – a huge and mysterious ship inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal”, says the official synopsis of the game.

The title was developed by Tarsier Studios, distributed by BANDAI NAMCO and released in April 2017 for PS4, Switch and Xbox One, in addition to the PC. It won The Games Awards 2016 in the category “Best Independent Game” and also won 4 BAFTA awards in categories such as “Original IP” and “Game Design”. To download the title, access this link, log in and click on “Add to account”.

As it is important to remember, Steam’s “rival” is also promoting a free game. Epic Games is giving away Amongs Us to everyone until next Thursday (3rd). So hurry up and take advantage of the opportunities!


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