Little Nightmares, Bandai Namco free for Steam


Bandai Namco starts a promotion in its digital store. You can get a code for Little Nightmares Steam completely free. Instructions.

You can get hold of Little Nightmares for PC now completely free. Bandai Namco starts a promotion where users will have the opportunity to add the game to their Steam library. They do so on the eve of its sequel, which is scheduled to launch on February 11.

How to get free Little Nightmares for PC Steam

To get a copy of the original, go to the Bandai Namco digital store at this link and follow the steps:

Press Add to Cart, blank button to the left of the Steam icon.

A window will appear confirming the purchase. Click on Validate.

After doing so, it will ask you to create an account or connect through Twitter, Facebook or Google. Choose the one that suits you best.

After confirming your account in the social network you have chosen, it will ask you for some information before continuing. Fill in your nickname, your country, your date of birth, your entry (or not) in the company’s newsletter and the conditions for creating the Bandai account. When you have selected everything, click on “I’m not a robot” and click on save information.

They will pass you to the validation gateway, with the details of the product and the price (€ 0.00). Go on

They will ask you for other necessary information: name, surname, email (filled in automatically on your own), telephone, address, postal code, city and country (also filled in beforehand). Put in that data and continue.

Finally, the review of the order will ask you to confirm the digital key. Check the box and click on complete order.

You will find the Steam key via email or through your Bandai Namco Store account.


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