Little Nightmares 2, impressions: the school of despair


We tested a new Little Nightmares 2 demo. Explore and escape from a school where some students and their teacher don’t like our presence.

Since Tarsier Studios announced the sequel to Little Nightmares, one of its video games that received such good reviews and offered such a good experience more than three years ago, its long-awaited and welcome continuation has done nothing more than put the honey in the lips with Little Nightmares 2. Over the months they have shown us some scenes that have undoubtedly caused a great expectation of what we will find. At this time, entering a true nightmare is the great despair of our protagonists Six and Mono, and it will continue like this while both continue to cooperate with each other. If in November we were able to analyze that hospital of horrors, this time we escaped the forest and entered and explored a school where we will not be welcome and we will be surrounded by its students and a most chilling teacher.

The nightmare continues without looking back

The nightmare has only just begun and after the experience lived through a forest with a strange peasant who chases us with his flashlight and shotgun, Mono and Six manage to escape. They have just arrived in a city, a tremendously desert city with a very dark atmosphere. After walking through some of the streets, we managed to find the school. A school to which our presence will not be welcome, but where we will be able to relive a true nightmare. Unlike what happened in the different playable levels, as soon as we enter we will have the bad luck that our partner Six has been kidnapped and this time we will only handle Mono, who will be in a continuous search to save his partner from the clutches of some strange little pupils.

They achieve a perfect and disturbing environment, in which they place us in a gloomy and dark school with sinister objects placed around us, although most will be the objects of a school: stacked desks or mountains of books. In addition, they will continue to deform the silhouette of each element to make us feel like the smallest of the place, and they provide little novelty with respect to the hospital level, because they use very similar perspectives and scenes. However, the silence, our footsteps and every slightest noise will make us be on the alert to get much more into the environment of this school, although do not forget that the scares will be something totally unexpected.


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