Little Mix, their new album “Confetti”


Now that Little Mix has parted ways with Syco, Simon Cowell’s record company, the girls sent strong hints at their former boss.

Little Mix has dealt a savage blow to music mogul Simon Cowell on their new album Confetti. The girl band previously revealed that they “screwed us up” after they parted ways with their record label Syco in 2018.

“Not A Pop Song” will appear on their new album, the new song will be released on Friday (October 9), and it suggests that Simon and his team treated the amazing group like “puppets on a string.”

The girls signed to the Syco record label for seven years after winning The X Factor; they are now signed with RCA.

But they didn’t hold back, as they made a very obvious scathing comment to their old boss in new lyrics. The lyrics say: “I don’t do what Simon says / Get the message because it reads / That’s life, he never plays fair / He said you follow any dream, be a puppet on a string / It works for you but that’s not me / This is not another pop song. ”

Little Mix thinks Simon Cowell won’t take this song the wrong way

However, a source revealed that the lyrics are not intended to be “bitch” and are about the girls “growing up and becoming their own women.”

A source told Metro: “It’s not a bitch, and it’s not a bad intention at all. They think Simon will see the funny side of this, since they know he loves attention and will think that everything is funny.”

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The girls will release their sixth studio album tomorrow. Confetti is her first release with RCA after LM5 in 2018.

Jade Thirlwall previously said her split from Syco was a “troubled” time in her career, but the girls are now “in a good place.”

She explained how the impact rupture came about, saying, “We have learned to stand our ground and do what we believe in,” suggesting that they were guided by Simon.

Even though the label is still tied to Syco under Sony Music, Leigh-Anne previously said of the change: “It’s nice to have new people to work with and fresh ideas. I guess everyone needs a change in their life.”

She added, “I feel like we’ve been in control from the beginning. We’ve always been the kind of girls who come in and say, right, this is what we want.”

“We were like that of The X Factor. We have always taken the lead, but I think it has improved now that we have aged,” he concluded. Will you listen to Little Mix’s new album? Do you think Simon will retaliate against the girl group?


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