Little-known tricks you can use when searching on Google


Search tricks you can use when researching something with Google can make it easier for you to find it. Here are Google tips!


Although Google may seem like a simple search engine, it is actually not. We are not talking about services like YouTube, Gmail that it has. Yes, these take Google far beyond the search engine. However, the point we want to mention is; Google search tricks, i.e. small functions that will help you find something or make it easier while searching. “How easy can it be?” If you think so, it would be useful to tell you in advance that you will be wrong. Because reaching the information searched on Google can lead to more complex processes than it is thought. Here we mentioned in Google search tips that will save you from them.

Little-known Google search tricks

1) Just find whatever you’re looking for

We start our list of Google search tricks with a feature that will work for you the most. While trying to learn about a subject you are curious about, have there been times when you come across results that are irrelevant to it? Google has a database of unimaginable size and accordingly has a complex algorithm. As such, he can get confused from time to time, so to speak.

There is a great solution developed for such situations. If you put a word in quotation marks, Google will make your search specific and will bring up search results with the word you specified in quotation marks.

2) Get rid of obscene search results

Although you customize the search using quotation marks, it is not guaranteed to get the result you want. Especially in cases where there are word similarities (such as your interest and scholar), you are more likely to encounter unwanted web pages.

Another feature that drastically reduces this possibility: the hyphen. For example, you want to get information about the iPhone 13 features and price, but the iPhone 13 Pro constantly comes up. At such times, you can exclude that word from the results by adding the phrase “-Pro” to the end of the search.

3) Find similar sites you love

Let’s say you have a site that you love to follow, you like its content and you almost get up and wander around its pages. Did you know that there is a Google search trick where you can find similar or related sites? Parameter you should use: related.

4) Use as simple words as possible when searching

The language of Google and the spoken language we use in daily life are the exact opposite of each other. For example, if you ask a friend you normally talk to on the phone, “Where can I find a pizzeria in Ohio?” There is no absurdity in your saying. But typing the same sentence into Google will significantly reduce your chances of getting the right result. Instead, it would be healthier to search for “Ohio pizzerias” or “pizza restaurants near me”.

When searching, use simple words as much as possible, avoid typing sentences. Also, you don’t need to be too careful with punctuation marks. Just write the relevant keywords.

5) Find a “Humming” song

On the street, in the cafe, in the gym… There are mobile applications that can find out what songs are playing around us at any time of the day. But they first need to hear that song exactly so they can easily identify it. This is not always possible.

The humming search feature, which we can include in the list of Google search tricks, makes it easier for us to find the song that is on the tip of our tongue, but whose name we can’t think of.

  1. Open the Google app on your Android phone.
  2. Press the volume icon and the Search song button.
  3. Then hum the song as long as you remember it. Even if you don’t remember the words, try to imitate the melody with your mouth.

Google’s artificial intelligence will detect the murmurs coming out of your mouth and list all the songs “it thinks it might be”. If you cannot achieve the desired result, repeat this process continuously.


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