Little-Known Extraordinary Products From Xiaomi


Chinese technology giant Xiaomi sells smartphones and computers, as well as many lesser-known extraordinary products.

Founded by Lei Jun in 2010, Xiaomi has managed to make its mark among the world’s largest technology manufacturers today. The company comes to the fore with its smart phones, wristbands, bluetooth headphones, and robot vacuums, which it has achieved great sales success in the last period.

Of course, its other products and sub-brands are not that well known, as the company often expands its market footprint with consumer electronics. Therefore, many consumers may be surprised when they see this situation, since Xiaomi is not written directly on many interesting products we see on the market.

There are 2 thousand products under the roof of Xiaomi!

In addition to the most well-known Poco, Redmi and Mi brands, Xiaomi has close to 150 partner companies such as lesser known Mijia, Haylou, ZMi, Ninebot, QCY, Huami and Yi. For this reason, the company manages to stand out with its product variety that changes according to the market in different regions of the world.

It is said that Xiaomi has sold more than 2,000 products, from charging cables to sunglasses, from umbrellas to pens, from screwdrivers to security cameras. Of course, although they are not sold directly in their stores or bear the brand’s signature, you may find some of them quite interesting.

Xiaomi’s most interesting products

  • smart rubik’s cube
  • Screwdriver set
  • Universal converter
  • Radio
  • Soap dish
  • nose hair removal machine
  • infrared faucet head
  • sunglasses
  • LED light umbrella
  • RGB smart bulb
  • Soap dish

smart rubik’s cube

Xiaomi can use its sub-brands or directly its own name and logo on the products it sells according to the country it is in. Of course, since it is not a country where 2,000 different products are all together, they can be brought and sold by importers. Therefore, they can be called by many different names.

Therefore, although Xiaomi stands out with its smartphones, it invests a lot in consumer electronics and other products. Of course, these devices also have ecosystems. For example, with a smart light bulb, you can easily use the robot vacuum cleaner or the security camera through the Mi Home application.

Of course, at this point, products such as glasses and umbrellas are mostly due to the fact that those who love the brand want to use products signed by Xiaomi, just like some team supporters wear jerseys. Especially as fans, users in China and all over the world can be directed to such products.

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