Little Hope: Offer broadcasts the cooperative mode


The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope has a promotion and everyone who owns the game will have free access to the Friend Pass. The novelty has been available since March 3. This pass allows for a complete game departure in Shared Story Mode with a friend who does not own the game.

Bandai Namco, publisher of the game, also informs that the soundtrack of the anthology is available on the main music streaming services. In addition, it also made available the Curator’s Cut, which brings unpublished scenes experienced from the perspective of other characters. In this mode, the player gains an alternative view of the game with new choices and consequences.

Regarding the offer, it is important to note that it applies to the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC and that players need to be on the same platform to be able to play together. Although free of charge, this game event is available to be enjoyed for just one month from the start

Little Hope is the spiritual successor to Until Dawn, a game of choices in a narrative language with cinematic aesthetics and also with the theme of terror. Both games were developed by Supermassive Games, but the most recent release is part of a series of games entitled The Dark Pictures.

Each game brings a unique story, the first was Man of Medan, a saga that accompanies five friends trying to survive on an abandoned ship. Little Hope, on the other hand, tells how four students and a teacher were trapped in a city and need to escape the frightening apparitions that are chasing them through a fog.

The third game, House of Ashes, has no release date yet, but is scheduled for this year. According to Bandai Namco, players will face the darkness under the Zagros Mountains, facing the dangers of something ancient and supernatural that has awakened there. The most curious thing is that the description reminds a lot of Until Dawn, even because the publisher points out that this supernatural being woke up with a new prey in mind to hunt.


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