Lists the factors that make Samsung QLED TVs stand out


Consumers want the TVs they buy to meet all their needs, to be reliable and long-lasting. Samsung underlines that it fully meets these needs with its QLED television series. Samsung compiled the reasons behind the success of QLED TVs. We detail them below.

Entertainment is the priority of millions of people everywhere. Technological advances have enabled consumers to engage in an immersive and cinematic journey from the comfort of their homes, experiences that offer new values ​​and open up a world of exciting possibilities for viewers. Today’s new generation TVs have carried the popularity of such products to unexplored areas. Combining state-of-the-art sound quality with unprecedented resolution, color and brightness, these products offer a unique and first-class viewing experience in all conditions.

Television is now an important element of every home and viewers have been waiting and deserving of products that will meet and exceed their expectations for many years. One of the problems that consumers do not want to see is security or burning problems. Instead of encountering problems with the TVs they buy, consumers want long-lasting televisions that meet all their preferences, offer reliability and provide peace of mind.

Samsung underlines that it meets the needs exactly with the QLED television series it produces. With these TVs, whether you are playing games, watching movies or watching your favorite series, interactions are never interrupted, so there is no obstacle to doing what you love. Below are the reasons why Samsung QLED TV’s success is the number one choice for everyone around the world.

Prevents screen burn-in and overheating

Uninterrupted image quality is the foundation for world-class viewing experiences. Samsung also takes the quality into account and prevents screen burns under all conditions. Screen burn, which has been a constant problem in many televisions for years, is a permanent defect on the television screen with long-lasting images on the screen. A glaring mark on the screen can lead to disruption of the viewing experience and dissatisfaction. Recently, Samsung QLED TVs, in collaboration with Testlab, a global test lab, became the first television to be certified “screen burn-free television” from a popular German technology magazine Video. Video magazine’s TV experts conducted a thorough assessment to determine the screen burn vulnerability and any subsequent glare that could impair vision quality, and their conclusion confirmed that neither problem was encountered on Samsung televisions.

Also, the potential overheating problem directs attention to measures to prevent overheating in all kinds of devices. Samsung also received the latest approval for overheating prevention this year from TUV Rheinland, one of the world’s leading testing service providers that aims to ensure safety and quality in business and all aspects of life. Competent experts in the field of TUV Rheinland have tested Samsung QLED TVs for overheating, one of the key assessment areas. The company has acknowledged that QLED TVs do not overheat at any stage, thereby relieving consumers about such events and possible consequences.

Offers security for the whole family

Samsung understands that consumers who buy QLED TVs buy products with confidence because they are always safe, and these TVs deserve it. All members of your family, whether adults or children, can benefit from QLED’s capabilities. In this context, Samsung is constantly taking the responsibility to ensure that its products meet the highest possible standards. In addition, many of the certificates they have been awarded prove the reason why Samsung QLED TVs are number one worldwide. This year, Samsung became the first company in the TV industry to receive certificates confirming that the types of light emitted by QLED TVs do not pose any photobiological hazards. It has received “No Photobiological LED Hazard” approval from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a leading safety science company, in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Board (IEC) standards on photobiological and eye safety. Of course, keeping the money you give is not wasted, as well as your physical health, is another Samsung priority. That’s why Samsung’s smart TVs were the first industry-certified products for enhanced security. It has been awarded Common Criteria (CC) certification for several years in a row, including its defense-grade security platform Samsung Knox technology.


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