Listen to Steve Aoki Transform Take Back Sunday’s “Cute Without The E” Into a New Shaky Remix


Steve Aoki shared a new remix of Take Back Sunday’s 2002 single “Cute Without The E”.

His new version of the track, the video for which you can watch below, will be included in the remix album for his recent LP “HiROQUEST: Genesis”.

Recently teasing with a remix, Aoki wrote: “I’m remaking a cult rock song of the 2000s… finishing the lyrics: “And will you tell all your friends…””.

Take Back Sunday also shared the remix, adding, “He’s out! Steve Aoki was kind enough to remix a song we wrote in our parents’ basement. Please enjoy Cute Without The E (Ziri).”

This comes after Aoki and Take Back Sunday recently teamed up for the surprise collaborative single “Just Us Two” earlier this year.

“I was talking to our manager one day and she said, ‘Hey, Steve Aoki’s team has reached out to you — would you like to write a song with him?’ My first reaction was, ‘Wait, do they know who they’re talking to? ? Did they get the wrong guys?,” frontman Adam Lazzara explained about the collaboration at the time.

“We exist in this rock and roll world, so the idea of being able to not only go beyond that, but just have someone with a different perspective to work with was really exciting for us.”

When asked why he even wanted to contact Take Back Sunday about the collaboration, Aoki replied: “Because I fucking love these guys, and they’re cool. You want to do something revolutionary and unusual, and I’ve never heard of them working with a DJ, so I’m like, “Oh, that would be really cool.” The fact that they are willing to work with me is also a great honor — it’s nice to work with other artists who have the same active and optimistic view of what we are going to do.”

Aoki and the band also recently teamed up at this year’s “When We Were Young” festival to perform the track.


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