Listen to Space Travel of NASA’s Perseverance Vehicle


NASA’s spacecraft named Perseverance is currently continuing its journey towards Mars. It is possible to listen to the sounds of the vehicle, which will arrive at the red planet in about 3 months.

Sound does not propagate in space. Since there is no air or other vibrating material, there is no sound. Still, it is possible to heed the journey of NASA’s spacecraft named Perseverance.

The Perseverance vehicle was developed for use in various researches on the Martian surface. NASA sent this vehicle to the red planet in recent months. The vehicle is expected to travel in space for approximately 3 months.

60 seconds sound

Perseverance also made history as NASA’s first vehicle to have a microphone on it. The microphone located on the vehicle recorded 60 seconds of sound. Although the sound is not emitted because there is no air in the space, it was possible to record the mechanical vibration of the vehicle as electrical signals.

The sound recorded from the vehicle traveling at approximately 42 thousand kilometers per hour in space was dated October 19. These sounds actually belong to the vehicle’s cooling system. The liquid cooling system collects the excess heat generated in the vehicle and allows it to be removed. The fluid is in a continuous cycle.

The reason for putting the microphone is an experimental attempt. The purpose of this initiative is to be able to record the sounds that will occur during the entry, landing and landing moments of the Martian atmosphere. Thus, it is planned to collect data that will enable easier landing for other surface vehicles in the future.

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Systems are working

Dave Gruel, chief engineer of Mars 2020’s EDL Camera and Microphone subsystem, made a statement on the subject. Gruel explains, “While it’s great to have a little noise in flight in spacecraft operation, it has a more important meaning. It shows that our system is working and ready to record some dry noises during the Mars landing. ” said.

The Perseverance spacecraft is equipped with many special equipment to work on the red planet surface. This vehicle of NASA will start its work by landing on Mars in early 2021. You can listen to the recorded sounds here.


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