Listen to Patrick Wolf’s New Emotional Track “Nowhere Game”.


This week (January 27) Patrick Wolf shared the second track from his upcoming EP — listen to “Nowhere Game” below.

This happened after the release of “Enter The Day” in November, his first new music in 10 years. This track was released on the 20th anniversary of the release of his debut album “The Patrick Wolf EP”.

Speaking about the new track, Wolf explained: “On the way home from a concert on a stage overlooking the Black Sea in Crimea, I recorded a melody on my laptop and started programming on the plane home, trying to make a portrait of a raging storm. I saw myself sitting backstage on the beach with an armed guard.

“Many years later, when I was finishing the EP “Night Safari”, I discovered this unfinished project, and then a new string part and lyrics of a period of life that I called “playing nowhere”, a few years when I stopped singing altogether, except, I realized, to record “happy birthday” on the phone for my friends and family.

“Ultimately, this song for me is a slow realization that I am trapped in any manifestation of a vicious circle and still far from knowing how to ask for help. It’s the first time I’ve played viola and violin parts in “Nowhere Game” and in the entire EP since my first two albums, which proves to me that in the end I broke one of my own vicious circles and returned to my craft.”

You can listen to the song here:

‘The Night Safari’ Tracklist:
1. ‘The Night Safari’
2. ‘Nowhere Game’
3. ‘Acheron’
4. ‘Dodona’
5. ‘Enter The Day’

The EP “Night Safari” will be released on April 14 on the new Apport label.

Prior to “Enter The Day”, Wolf’s last release was the 2012 double album “Sundark And Riverlight”. This record featured re-recorded acoustic versions of songs from the musician’s previous releases.

Since then, it has been reported that Wolf is writing music for a biographical film based on the youth of English playwright and actor Noel Coward in 2014.

“I’m so excited that my first film soundtrack will be about Noel Coward’s youth, we both grew up in the same parts of southwest London and started our journey to the stage and to writing at the same early age,” he said in an interview. time.


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