Listen to Hemlocke Springs’ New Single “Strangerhazard!”


Today (January 13), Hemlock Springs released the single “strangeranger!”, following her 2022 viral hit “girlfriend”.

“Danger of a Stranger!” Springs reflects on the dangers of capitalism due to an impulsive bit of his own production. “Eat, work and obey,” she sings between squeals, “increasing the debts I can’t repay.” In an Instagram post announcing the single, Springs wrote: “I may have been on edge the most in a minute, but the product turned out to be fruitful.” Listen to “Stranger is Dangerous!” below.

The single marks Springs’ first release since TikTok’s sensational song “Girl” and will be accompanied by a music video that will be released tomorrow (January 14). Earlier this month, Springs took her place on NME’s list of the 100 Most Important Emerging Artists for 2023, where she joined artists such as Ice Spice, Humor and many others.

“Bright and fresh hits from an unexpected sensation on social networks,” NME wrote about Springs.

Springs’ debut single “Gimme all ur love” was released last May and was described by NME as “percussive pop music with an intimate and deeply emotional core, not unlike Prince during his peak “Purple Rain”.

Speaking about the public’s reaction to her singles, which still make up her entire discography, Springs told NME that she is “just stunned that people are still listening.”… Music has always seemed more like a hobby, and it probably didn’t help me. I always heard stories about struggling artists when I was growing up.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Springs talked about attracting the attention of the likes of Steve Lacey, Grimes and Remy Wolf, and discussed the debut album she hopes to release this April. “I think people will be surprised,” she said of the project. “I’ve always had this fear of being cornered, so I have a tendency to move in the opposite direction.”


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