Listen to Fall Out Boy’s New Single “Heartbreak Feels So Good”


Fall Out Boy shared a new track called “Heartbreak Feels So Good” — you can listen to it below.

The song will be included in the eighth studio album of the Chicago band “So Much (For) Stardust”, which is due to be released on March 24 (pre-order/pre-save here).

Following the title single “Love From The Other Side” in a new optimistic Fall Out Boy proposal, frontman Patrick Stamp sings: “We could cry a little/ Cry a lot/ But don’t stop dancing/ Don’t you dare stop.

“Will we cry later or cry now/ You know it’s a broken heart/ We could dance our tears/ Free ourselves/ We’ll cry later or cry now, but baby/A broken heart feels so good.”

The single comes with a video shot by Whitey McConnaughey, for whom FOB “decided to pull a prank” that “didn’t go as planned”. See how it all unfolds here:

“So Much (For) Stardust” was produced by Neil Avron, who worked on three Fall Out Boy albums from the 2000s: “From Under The Cork Tree” from 2005, “Infinity On High” from 2007 and “Folie à Deux” from 2008.’.

In a previous statement about the upcoming recording , Stamp explained: “Technology these days has made it easier to create records much faster. There’s nothing wrong with that, and that spontaneity can be exciting.

“But we wanted to go back to how we worked before. We wanted to make a record that was really made with love, thoughtfully and patiently, as if someone had cooked you a delicious dish. I’m not a very proud guy, but I’m very proud of this album.”

Stamp also talked about reuniting with Avron in “So Much (For) Stardust”. “Neil not only taught us how to make records, but also has a unique ability to take your time and focus on recording,” he said.

“We thought it would be easy to work with him again on a record where it was very important to us, and he was kind enough to agree to work with us.”

In addition, the LP marks the return of Fall Out Boy to the band Fueled By Ramen, which released the band’s debut album “Take This To Your Grave” in 2003.

Although the new material harks back to the classic Fall Out Boy sound, Stump said in a recent interview with NME that “…Stardust” is “not a retrospective album.”

“I didn’t want to go back to a certain style, but I wanted to imagine what it would have sounded like if we had recorded right after ‘Folie à Deux’ [the controversial 2008 album Fall Out Boy], instead of taking a break for a few years,” he added.

“It was like exploring the multiverse. It was an experiment to see what we would do.”


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