Listen to DMA’s New Single “Fading Like A Picture”


DMA’S shared the new single “Fading Like A Picture”, taken from their upcoming album “How Many Dreams?”.

According to a press release, most of “Fading Like A Picture” was written by DMA lead vocalist Tommy O’Dell, and guitarist Matthew Mason added a euphoric riff to the song. “We used the middle eight from another demo as the chorus,” bandmate Johnny Tuck explained. “Real DMA collaboration”.

A video clip directed by Harry Welsh is attached to the single. He finds the Sydney trio in an empty white studio space, which later explodes in color thanks to thermal imaging and green screen effects. See it below:

“Fading Like A Picture” is the fourth preview to be presented before the release of “How Many Dreams?” on March 31. The main single “I Don’t Need To Hide” was released in August last year, followed by the October “Everyone Says It’s a “Weekend” on Thursday and “Olympia” last month.

“Our palette for the album [‘How Many Dreams?’] was much broader because we’ve learned a lot since our debut,” explained Tuck, announcing the upcoming album. “We’ve listened to a lot more music since then, and it’s shaped us. It was like the first walk over and over again. The excitement was the same.”

Yesterday (January 18), DMA’S announced the renewal of the venue for the upcoming show in London, which will now take place at the OVO Arena Wembley on April 21. This performance is part of the band’s wider UK tour, which includes stops in Glasgow, Cambridge and Manchester.

While DMA unexpectedly released the EP “I Love You Unconditionally, Sure Am Going To Miss You” in 2021, the band’s upcoming album will be their first full-length project since “The Glow” in 2020. In a four-star review, NME described the album as “a bold step forward” and “an overcharged record of dance and decadence.”


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