Listen to Chris”, FKA Christine And The Queens, new single “Rien Dire”


Chris, the French singer formerly known as Christine And The Queens, shared a touching new single “rien dire” from his upcoming album “Redcar les adorables étoiles”.

It followed his previous single “Je te vois enfin” and came after the singer-songwriter, who appears as the character Redcar in his current project, “injured himself on stage while dancing” earlier this month. You can listen to the track below.

As a result, Chris postponed the release of his album “Redcar…” from September 23 to November 11. You can pre-order/pre-save the album here.

Accompanying the artist, live performances were also scheduled to take place at Cirque d’Hiver in Paris on September 22 and 23 and at the Royal Festival Hall in London on September 30. Since then, performances in France have been postponed to November 9 and 10. the date of the London concert has not yet been announced.

Last month, Chris talked about his gender identity, pronouns and a new nickname for his upcoming album.

In a three-minute video posted on TikTok, Chris explained: “I have been a man for a year now — a little more officially in my family and in my relationships. It’s a long process.” Chris has since updated his pronouns on him/him on social media.

Gender and sexuality have been a constant topic of discussion for Chris for many years. The musician told the BBC about his views on gender and sexual identity back in 2016, in which he explained that he did not consider gender an “obstacle” or a “definition”.

As for his new album itself, Chris said:“Redcar, like all my poetry and philosophy, is poetry and philosophy that helps me be successful.”




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