Listen: SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Shared an Emotional Cover of Taeyong’s Song From Girls’ Generation “Time Lapse” on His Birthday


SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan gave his fans a beautiful new cover!

On January 16, Seungkwan turned 24, and to celebrate this event, the singer prepared a special surprise for his fans.

At 1:16 a.m. Korean time, Seungkwan posted a heartfelt cover of Girls’ Generation’s solo b-side “Time Lapse”, explaining that he decided not to shoot the accompanying video because he wanted CARAT [SEVENTEEN fans] to be able to focus. completely on the song.

Seungkwan wrote: “It’s a song that I first discovered when I was 20 years old, and I’ve listened to countless times since, but every time I hear it, it’s a song that evokes so many different emotions in me. Some days it makes me feel broken and suffocated, as if I would burst into tears at the slightest touch, and other days it brings me peace and strength so that I can start all over again. Maybe that’s why it was even harder for me to sing this song.”

“My desire to get better [in singing] has been growing lately,” he continued. “Regardless of whether I sing well or not, I also want to become a voice that can evoke many different emotions in CARAT. It’s okay if this song brings you comfort, and it’s also okay if the song doesn’t comfort you and just makes you sad.”

Happy Birthday, Seungkwan!

Watch Seungkwan’s magnificent rendition of “Time Lapse” below:


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