Listen to These Phenomena: Crypto Money Phenomena May Shake Twitter!


Twitter user ‘Hodlonaut’ launched a Twitter campaign against Craig Wright (CSW), who declared himself Satoshi Nakamoto and spread the hashtag #faketoshi. This situation made a lot of noise.

‘Hodlanaut’ continues to support and promote Bitcoin. With a tweet about Bitcoin nozzles, he suggested opinions about the important roles of breasts in changing the world in the future and their role in modern internet life. Breast in its simplest form; short words can be combined with images or videos and summarized as a way of expressing themselves on the Internet.

‘Hodlonaut’ and CSW never met in court. While Craig Wright’s story of suing leading names such as Roger Ver, Vitalik Buterin, etc. was now forgotten, it was not taken seriously by anyone in time.

‘Breast Battle is Real. Breast Culture Will Change The World
‘Hodlonaut’ reported that the Bitcoin Twitter community will come with strong nipples that will have the potential to change the world in the future.

Breasts are compressed ideas according to the cryptocurrency phenomenon, and even if it is forgotten, it does not take long to remember.

Other Twitter users also seem to agree with the ‘hodlonaut’.

Ciphrex’s co-founder and CEO, Eric Lombozo, referring to the excessive monetary and monetary relaxation policy injected into the economy by the US government; He even claimed that the breasts are now more valuable than money.


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