List of terminals: Who is Rye Hastings? (and who should play him in season 2)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first season of “Terminal List”.
The terminal roster has prepared for the arrival of Rhys’ buddy, Rife Hastings, in a potential second season, and here’s who should play him. The year 2022 was a busy one for Chris Pratt when he saw the release of the Jurassic Park: Dominion trilogy and a guest appearance in the film Thor: Love and Thunder. The actor also tried himself in the TV series “Terminal List”, where he plays a navy seal named James Rees, whose entire team is killed during an ambush. Rhys’ wife and daughter are later killed as part of the plot, so the former Navy seal makes up a murder list to get revenge.
“Terminal List,” which partially remade “First Blood” in episode 6, is based on a series of novels by writer Jack Carr, and the Amazon show is a largely accurate adaptation. The series received mostly mixed reviews: some found the pace sluggish and the tone sullen. Nevertheless, “Terminal List” has proved popular with viewers, and Pratt and the showrunners hope to continue and adapt the rest of Carr’s books. The first season left some “bread crumbs” for the next season as well.
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Although the series doesn’t mention it, Carr’s novel The End List ended with the revelation that Rhys’ brain tumor was operable. This led to his eventual surgery and recovery in later books. In the last episode of the show, Rhys also receives off-screen help from a character named Raif Hastings, who leaves him a boat for his last mission. The list of terminals, which differs in many ways from the book, only hints at their history, and the Wraith plays an important role in Carr’s book.
Chris Hemsworth should play Hastings
Carr’s second novel about Rice, The True Believer, delves into the story of Rice with Rife Hastings. Hastings is a former Navy seal from South Africa who first met Rhys at university, and they became loyal friends, and both had fathers who served in the Special Forces. Hastings is described as slightly taller than Rhys, with dark blond hair, green eyes and the build of an MMA fighter. Hastings later left after the death of his teammates and the murder of a CIA agent who was partly to blame. The terminal list teases Hastings’ arrival in the form of a note that says to Rhys: “… you know where to go” if he survives his last mission. The finale ends with Rice heading to Mozambique, where he hides with Hastings in True Believer.
This hints at the fact that Raif Hastings will not only become the main character of the second season of The Terminal List, but the story will follow True Believer. If the series matches the description in the novel, then Chris Hemsworth would be an ideal candidate for this role. This would give the “Thor: Love and Thunder” co-stars a chance to reunite outside of the MCU and make the second season of “Terminal List” more two-sided. In addition, Hemsworth’s “Evacuation” shows that he will be very comfortable with the type of action that the series will require. Of course, Hemsworth has a busy career elsewhere, so the question will be whether the star is ready to take on, perhaps, a long-term supporting role in someone’s show.
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