List of levels of the main team of Pokemon villains


Each generation of Pokemon did more than just introduce new Pokemon, it also introduced new villains. Despite the fact that Team Rocket is known to everyone, there are almost as many groups of villains as there are generations. They all have different aesthetics, goals and, as a rule, use different types of Pokemon.

Not every group of villains is as popular as the other. Some of them are close and dear to the Pokemon franchise, while others are often forgotten by fans. The best of the villains are remembered and well written, and the worst are forgotten because of bad writing. Some are also just the best because they are simple and nostalgic.

Level S

Of course, Team Rocket is an S-level team. They are often the first team Pokemon fans think of, and they have also participated in most games compared to other teams. Their goals are simple to understand: stealing Pokemon. The fact that their leader is the head of the gym, although now everyone knows, was a good move. Jesse and James, better known in anime, are also fan favorite characters who occasionally appear in games.

Only this team belongs to the S-level, since other teams are difficult to compare with Team Rocket. Team Rocket is a nostalgic, classic and unforgettable game. The developers know this, and that’s why they appeared in many games. They have appeared in Pokemon Blue, Red, HeartGold, SoulSilver and many others; they even return to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as Team Rainbow Rocket.


The Skull Team was a refreshing take on a team of villains. They were featured in Sun and Moon, and the fandom adored them for their hilarious hand movements and gangster aesthetics. They were not completely evil, as they were a team of teenagers who seem to be lost souls who find the community in crime. Their leader, Guzma, was especially popular because it was hinted that he had great ambitions, but he fell out of favor.

Team Plasma belongs to category A because of the two characters in the team: N and Ghetsis. N has become a fan favorite character from all Pokemon games because of his unique backstory and eccentric personality. Getsis is more than the evil leader of the team, but it is hinted to him that he is the cruel father of N. It’s a whole level of evil that sets him apart from the other team leaders.

Team Magma and Team Aqua also belong to category A. They have a level of nostalgia, and they are also quite funny in their rivalry. Most evil teams are alone in their Pokemon generation, but Magma and Aqua coexist in their region with opposite but evil goals, either to expand the land or expand the sea. Maxie and Archie fight not only with the main character, but also with each other, which is their cool aspect that other teams don’t have.

Level B

The Yell team from Sword and Shield can be easily forgotten, but it had original ideas and an interesting script. They were a bit like the Skull Team in that they were criminals rather than sinister. What was original about them was that they were overly devoted to Marnie and thus caused a lot of problems. It was very interesting to see how Team Yell reflected some uncomfortable truths about fans who go too far.

Level C

Level C villain teams are those that have had very little impact on Pokemon fandom. They are often forgotten because of their lack of unique qualities and goals. Team Galactic belongs to category C, as their goal is rather vague, and the leader Cyrus lacks unique qualities. Their goal is to create a new universe that Cyrus could rule, which is not particularly unique. Pokemon Legends: Arceus has refreshed the team of villains a bit by showing their ancestors and an unexpected backstory.

Team Flare is another C—level team that had potential. They claimed that they were motivated only by money, and planned to become as stylish and rich as possible. However, it was a ruse, and the real plan was to destroy all living things except yourself. This plan is very evil, but ultimately more boring than a ploy.

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