List of character levels of the 14th season of Apex Legends


The 14th season of Apex Legends has officially begun, and players are once again immersed in the popular battle royale to try out a brand new legend and new map changes. This season, Vantage joins the game, and everyone’s favorite Kings Canyon is transformed. With these additions, it’s worth reviewing all the legends to see how they fit into the meta of the new season.

As with every list of Apex Legends seasonal levels, the legends are first sorted by their respective levels, and then the levels are sorted alphabetically.


At the moment, there are several different Recon Legends in Bloodhound — Apex Legends, each of which specializes in its own style of collecting information. For Bloodhound, they excel at tracking down opponents and securing kills. Their tracker highlights enemy tracks and clues. The Eye of the Allfather scans a large area in front of the Bloodhound and marks all traps, clues and enemies. Finally, Beast of the Hunt highlights enemies and enemy tracks in red and gives Bloodhound a 30 percent speed increase, making it easier to find a target. Bloodhound is still a legend when it comes to tracking and securing kills in Apex Legend. Their set is great for collecting information over a wide area, and the advantage of collecting hints should not be underestimated.

Gibraltar — Gibraltar has long been one of the scariest legends in the game due to its size and stability. Season 14 is no different, although one should consider Mad Maggie’s powerful buff, which seems almost created specifically to counter Gibraltar. Its deployable dome shield is great for hiding on the move or picking up knocked down teammates, as it gives a recovery speed boost that seems more suitable for Lifeline. His weapon shield perfectly absorbs shots in the middle of a fight and could even save Gibraltar from a perfectly aimed return shot by a Crab when it really meant something. Finally, his Bombardment Ultimate deals a lot of damage to a focused opponent, which is perfect for enemies who have nowhere else to run. Gibraltar is still an absolute unit in Apex Games, even if Maggie can sometimes stand up to him.

Revenant — Revenant got some really strong buffs after his lackluster run, which made him one of the best characters in the game. The Revenant’s tactical ability triggers a field of silence, which negates tactical, ultimatum abilities and even some passive skills of enemies in this area. His Death Totem allows those who interact with him to temporarily attack enemies with almost no risk, because when the shadow forms are defeated, the Legend reappears at the Death Totem. Finally, his passive allows the Revenant to move quickly, crouching, and climb walls higher and faster than other legends. The Revenant is an absolute force, and its equipment makes it a deadly force to be reckoned with.


Ash — Since Ash joined the games, she has succeeded in securing kills or easily finding the next target. Her Arc Snare is perfect for slowing down fleeing opponents, and her ultimate Phase Breach allows her to move quickly using a one-way portal, which is perfect for hitting the target. She can track down those who recently participated in the battle, thanks to her passive ability “Marked by Death”, which occurs when she interacts with the player’s death box. Ash has not undergone any major changes since her appearance in season 11, and she is still a solid legend who does one particular thing very well, namely finishing off opponents.

Crypto — crypto has always been strange to use in Apex Legends. Although his drone provides very useful information and utility, it mostly takes Crypto out of the fight. Over the past few seasons, the Crypto drone has undergone several quality of life changes to make it useful without downplaying the importance of Crypto itself. Of course, Crypto can still control the drone to access the useful tools it provides, such as collecting team banners and reviving teammates, but this allows Crypto to be a little more active than before. While some players still want more buffs or alterations for Crypto, overall it is currently in a good place.

Fuze — Fuze is a regular expert on explosions in Apex Legends. Not only can Fuse carry more grenades and throw them further than other legends, he can quickly deal permanent damage to enemies thanks to his Knuckle Cluster tactical technique, and The Motherlode creates a ring of fire that blocks enemies in place and deals damage to those who try to attack. leave. Fuse is great for dealing heavy damage over a large area, easy protection of territories and in general is one of the funniest characters to use.

Mad Maggie — Mad Maggie is one of the few legends this season who has received a powerful buff. Mad Maggie’s kit is completely based on the use of shotguns and her abilities to destroy the legends of defense.


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