List of accessories for good ergonomics in the Home Office


The number of professionals working from home has grown a lot in recent months. And this is a trend that will likely be adopted even after the pandemic, as many are getting used to the idea of ​​remote work. However, there is a problem: how to ensure comfort and ergonomics in the home office?

Many homes lacked the structure to become a workspace, without a quality office chair, a comfortable computer keyboard for typing, or a mousepad with wrist support.

That is why, in this article, we have separated some items to help you how to work with home office comfortably. These are products that can greatly improve ergonomics in the home office and make you more productive and happy.

Footrest, Multivision

A footrest is ideal to help with ergonomics when using an office chair. This item elevates your legs to a comfortable position and makes your entire torso relax – which would not happen if your feet were fully supported on the floor.

This is also an item that can be useful for the shorter ones, who cannot put their feet on the floor when sitting in a study or work chair.

Notebook support, OCTOO

Anyone who has used the notebook with a raised support knows the difference this can make when using the equipment. This accessory makes the computer screen taller and can be adjusted to the height of the eyes, which is the ideal position to promote ergonomics.

This specific support has a structure made of metal, ensuring more durability and support for the notebook.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Logitech MK345

If you don’t want to get tired using your notebook’s mouse and trackpad, you can bet on a wireless mouse and keyboard combo. This kit from Logitech has features that favor comfort and ergonomics, in addition to practicality and organization for not having wires.


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