List Brings Together The Main Game Releases For January 2022


Game: We hope everyone is doing well at the turn of 2021 to 2022! It was a very difficult year for everyone, but the hope is that things will soon improve with the advances in vaccination. After all, we are already starting to see the resumption of in-person gaming events, and little by little the release schedule should heat up again.

But very little by little. As you’ll see from this list, January isn’t the busiest month in history, so it might be a good chance to finish off the stuff you got for Christmas. Still, there are some pretty cool games on the horizon, and we’ll show you them all next!

06/01 — Demon Gaze Extra (Switch, PlayStation 4)

11/01 — Weird West (PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)

One of the first big games of the year, Weird West is another one of those unique projects published by Devolver Digital. The developers at WolfEye Studios made a top-down action RPG focused on the story of five bounty hunters.

In a very responsive world, there are lots of random elements that ensure each campaign is different from the one before it. Since there are ex-Arkane producers in the small studio, it’s no surprise that Weird West does include elements of the immersive genre in its formula.

12/01 — Monster Hunter Rise (PC)

January will be great for computer gamers, as several hitherto console-exclusive titles will make the leap from video games to the PC. Starting on the 12th, with Monster Hunter Rise, one of the most praised releases of 2020 on the Nintendo Switch that can now reach even more players.

Whether you liked Monster Hunter World, are looking for a good gateway to the series, or are even a fan of the oldies, Capcom has hit the nail on the head and managed to contemplate all these audiences at the same time in this masterpiece.

01/13 — Astroneer (Switch)

01/14 — God of War (PC)

Since we’re talking about great games migrating from consoles, how about playing the big winner of The Game Awards 2018 on the computer? The former PlayStation 4 exclusive is a grand re-imagining of Kratos, trading the rabid bruiser of the PlayStation 2 days for a zealous father who must take care of his son Atreus. The narrative focused on the duo’s journey was highly praised, and the gameplay filled with electrifying battles related to Norse mythology as well, so it’s worth checking out.