Lisa’s could have a lost twin on TikTok


Lisa’s could have a lost twin on TikTok. The account in this app has gained great popularity due to the resemblance that the girl has with Lisa.

It is said that around the world, each person could find a group of individuals with whom they share many of their physical characteristics, thinking that they are even lost twins.

No doubt sharing features with the image of a kpop idol should be almost a fortune, but the possibilities for each should be few. That was just what happened to a famous tiktoker, which has a great similarity with Lisa.

@deemaskk♬ original sound – deemaskk

This is the @deemaskk account where the girl, who does not know much, currently has a total of 13 videos in her account. Particularly she does not have a look that mimics Lisa’s , wears short hair, sometimes with an irregular fringe above her eyebrows and at other times she prefers to comb it towards the banks, however, the features on her face show a clear similarity with The idol of YG Entertainment.

Even the makeup style they use is different, but with or without makeup and with different hair styles, the resemblance is surprising , in old videos, she has even used wigs that make her look more like Lisa, surely due to so many comments that has received about it.


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