Lisa’s evolution from BLACKPINK


Lisa’s evolution from BLACKPINK. This girl has come a long way to become the star that she is today.

The YG Entertainment idol is celebrating one more year of life , for this reason, today is the perfect opportunity to remember how much Lisa has worked to position herself as one of the most famous female faces in the music industry these days.

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Lisa was born Bangkok, Thailand in the year of 1997 , from a very young age she had an interest in dance and since she also had skills, she joined a dance group called Wee Za Cool with Bambam from GOT7, she admired kpop idols and dreamed of being able to show off their skills just as they did .

In 2010 a unique opportunity appeared, since Lisa was able to join the auditions that YG Entertaiment was doing , surprisingly, she was the only one who passed this audition and signed as an apprentice of this company in the following year.

She knew practically nothing of Korean when she arrived in Seoul, so at first she used to feel a little lonely away from home, fortunately, her progress in the language lessons she received was very fast and with the help of the other girls from BLACKPINK was able to adapt more easily.

YG subsequently released a video titled ‘WHO’S THAT GIRL?’ , in which we see Lisa showing off her dance skills during one of the group presentations that the company performs as part of its monthly evaluations. After that, Lisa had the opportunity to appear a music video of Taeyang and began to gain even more attention, since, even without having debuted, she was already part of the models of NONAGON , her company’s clothing brand.

After years of training, in 2016, Lisa debuted with the other members of BLACKPINK with her single BOOMBAYAH and, since then, she has not stopped surprising the world, as her followers continue to increase at every moment due to the great charisma that has shown to accompany her talent.


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